World Devestator
World Devestator
Production information
Manufacturer Imperial Department of Military Research
Class Star Destroyer
Product line World Devastator
Estimated Price N/a
Length Varies
Width Varies
Height Varies
Technical Information
Speed 20 MGLT
Hyperdrive Range N/a
Hyperdrive Rating 6.0
Back up Rating 16.0
Second Back up Rating 0
Primary Engine Units 4
Secondary Engine Units 4
Tertiary Engine Units 0
Power Plant N/a
Power output N/a
Shields 10
Communication systems 2
Crew Large
  • Officers: 1,000
  • Enlisted: 7,000
  • Gunners: 275
  • Engineers: 15,000
Super Weapons None
Heavy Weapons Varies
Regular Weapons Varies
Medium Weapons Varies
Light Weapons Varies
Projectile Weapons Varies
Other Weapons Varies
Cargo Capacity
Ships Varies
Vehicles Varies
Troop Capacity 0
Cargo Capacity Varies
Volume Capacity Varies
Consumables Varies
  • Mobile Factory
  • Mining Ship
  • World Devastators are famous ships from Star Wars. They are mobile mining and factory ships that are capable of striping entire planets of their matter, converting elements at the atomic level into new ones.



    "Levels" of World DevastatorsEdit

    "Levels" of World Devastators refer to a ship's stats, to advance to the next "level" the requirements must be met, mainly the materials to advance it. Once met the ship is then upgraded to it's new level.

    Ship Number of
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10 12,000,896,692,217,088