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Strike Group
Commanding Officer Rank Rear Admiral
Organization Typically
  • Flagship
  • Flotilla: 6
Size of Flagship 1,000+ meters
Total Number of Ships 169
Number of Capital Ships 1-169+
Number of Cruisers 1-168+
Number of Destroyers 1-168+
Number of Corvettes 1-168+

A Strike Group is the second smallest Naval Unit type with three or more ships, smallest being a Task Element, Strike Groups require one to hold at least the rank of Rear Admiral.

Types of Strike GroupsEdit

Anti-Fighter/Bomber Strike GroupEdit

An Anti-Fighter/Bomber Strike Group generally consists of a larger warship guarded by

Recon Strike GroupEdit

A Recon Strike Group generally consists of

Assault Strike GroupEdit

Heavy Assault Strike GroupEdit

Sizes of Strike GroupEdit

Like with all other Naval Units, Strike Groups can vary in size depending on needs of a mission or circumstances, such as the merging of several Strike Groups during a battle after one has lost a flagship or significant portions of it's ships.

Strike GroupsEdit

Halo CovenantEdit

A Covenant Strike Group is most likely to be composed of:

Ship Type Number of Ships Rank Lead By
CCS-class battlecruiser 1 Fleet Master
CPV-class heavy destroyer 27 Ship Master
SDV-class heavy corvette 162 Ship Master